01. message in a bottle.mp3

02. synchronicity 2.mp3

03. walking on the moon.mp3

04. voices inside my head-when the world is running down.mp3

05. don't stand so close to me.mp3

06. driven to tears.mp3

07. hole in my life.mp3

08. truth hits everybody.mp3

09. every little thing she does is magic.mp3

10. wrapped around your finger.mp3

11. de do do do, de da da da.mp3

12. invisible sun.mp3

13. walking in your footsteps.mp3

14. can't stand losing you-reggatta de blanc.mp3

15. roxanne.mp3

16. king of pain.mp3

17. so lonely.mp3

18. every breath you take.mp3

19. next to you.mp3

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